We’re Kat & Josh


Meet the Fam

We like our water fresh, salty, or frozen.

We love the ocean, food, hiking, exploring, and meeting new people in cool places. We recently sold everything we own to pursue Kat’s dream of touring the world as a professional figure skater. 




If you ask Kat what she is doing today, chances are she’ll say that she’s going ice skating and eating chocolate. Kat is a professional figure skater and coach, recently casted for a role in Disney on Ice. 



Josh is a family man and digital marketer. He is the proud owner of a full-service marketing agency, and is venturing into the software space providing marketing and software solutions to for real estate agents.



Charlie is our lead adventure guide. He loves the outdoors, cottage cheese, and going on adventures. He is the most chill & adaptable toddler you will ever get the pleasure of meeting. 

Upcoming Trips

Let’s meet up!

Abu Dhabi, UAE - October 2022

Kuwait City, Kuwait - November 2022

Bali, Indonesia - November 2022

Cairo, Egypt - December 2022

Brazil - 2023

Argentina - 2023

Our Favorite Tools for Digital Nomads


Jasper.ai is an AI copywriting assistant that was built to help busy entrepreneurs write more, better content, faster.

Canva PRO

Canva is the ultimate graphic design tool for people who aren’t graphic designers. They have loads of templates to choose from so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.


Divi is a WordPress Theme that comes with a built-in visual page builder. Building websites is easy with the Divi theme.

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