Trash the Dress Underwater Photoshoot in Hawaii: Why You Need to Do One

by Josh Larsen

A trash the dress photo shoot is such a fun experience, you also get to walk away with some unconventional photos that you’ll be able to look back on for years to come (and show off to your friends). If you’re considering doing a trash the dress shoot, or even if you’re just curious about what it’s like, read on for everything you need to know about trashing your dress underwater!

What is a trash the dress photoshoot?

A trash the dress photo shoot is when you (you guessed it) trash your dress! This usually involves getting the dress wet, dirty, or even tearing it. The point is to have fun with it and create some unique photos in the process.

Why would I want to trash my dress?

There are a few reasons why you might want to trash your dress. Maybe you’re sick of traditional wedding photos and you want to do something different. Or, maybe you just love the idea of being able to let loose and have fun with your wedding dress (and your husband!) in a way that you couldn’t on your wedding day.

Whatever your reasons, trashing your dress is a great way to create some unique and memorable photos. Plus, it’s a lot of fun!

Is trashing my dress really all that different from a regular photoshoot?

Yes and no. A trash the dress photo shoot is usually less formal than a traditional wedding shoot, so you can feel free to play around and have fun with it. That said, there are still some things you’ll want to keep in mind.

For one, you’ll want to make sure you pick a dress that can withstand some wear and tear. You don’t want to trash a delicate dress that’s going to fall apart the minute it gets wet! Second, you’ll want to pick a location that’s conducive to trashing your dress. A beach or a park is usually a good bet, but you can really get creative with it.

Finally, you’ll want to make sure you have a photographer who’s up for the task. Not all photographers are comfortable with trashing a dress, so it’s important to find one who is!

What should I wear for my trash the dress photoshoot?

As we mentioned before, you’ll want to pick a dress that can withstand some wear and tear. A simple white dress is usually a good choice, but you can really pick any style of dress you want. Just make sure it’s not too delicate and do your best to avoid dresses with a lot of layers because that type of dress will get extremely heavy when wet.

We got lucky enough to find a free wedding dress to trash which we used since we didn’t want to use Kat’s actual dress.

In terms of accessories, less is usually more. You don’t want to weigh yourself down with a bunch of heavy jewelry, and you definitely don’t want to risk losing anything! A simple pair of earrings or a necklace is usually all you need.

What should I bring to my trash the dress photoshoot?

In addition to your dress and your accessories, you’ll want to bring a few other things to your trash the dress photo shoot.

First, bring along a pair of comfortable shoes to change into once you’re done trashing your dress. You don’t want to have to walk around in wet, uncomfortable shoes all day!

Second, bring along a change of clothes for after the shoot. You’ll probably be wet and dirty after trashing your dress, so it’s a good idea to have a change of clothes on hand.

Third, bring along some snacks and drinks to keep your energy up. A photoshoot can be exhausting, so it’s important to stay hydrated and fueled!

Fourth, if you are doing an underwater photoshoot, make sure to keep safety in mind! We brought a paddleboard along with us so that we could take breaks between each breath.

Finally, don’t forget to bring your wedding rings! Trashing your dress is the perfect opportunity to get some unique ring shots.

What are some tips for trashing my dress?

There are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind when trashing your dress. First, don’t be afraid to get creative! This is your chance to let loose and have some fun, so go for it!

Second, be safe! If you’re doing an underwater shoot, make sure you have someone keeping an eye on you at all times. And if you’re trashing your dress in a location with sharp objects or other hazards, be careful and use common sense.

Third, don’t forget to take breaks! Trashing your dress can be exhausting, so make sure you take breaks throughout the shoot.

And fourth, have fun! This is your day to let loose and enjoy yourself, so make the most of it!

Underwater Trash the Dress Location Ideas

There are plenty of places where you can do your trash the dress shoot. A beach is always a good choice, but there are other options as well, such as:

  • In the ocean
  • In a pool
  • At a waterfall
  • In a river
  • In the rain

Does a Trash The Dress Shoot Have to Be Underwater?

Absolutely not! While an underwater shoot can be a lot of fun, it’s not the only option – here are some more trash the dress ideas. You can trash the dress in any location you want, whether it’s on the beach, in the woods, or even in your own backyard!

I’ve seen some couples use paint, others use mud, and some even set their dresses on fire!

Our Experience Trashing the Dress

It all started in 2018, a few months after Kat and I got married. We were at the Give and Take which was a thrift shop-like store where you give service and in exchange for the service you take a few items. We were shopping around the store when we found a beautiful wedding dress up for grabs. Without hesitation, we snatched it. We decided we needed to take advantage of the opportunity and do a trash the dress shoot.

Location, Location, Location!

Living in Hawaii, there were a lot of places that we could have gone, but wee decided to go to the west side of Oahu to Mākua Beach. The water is deep, clear, and most importantly BLUE. There are hardly ever any people there because the waves are big and dangerous. Since we had the place to ourselves we were able to take some awesome pictures!

The Shoot

We started off by taking some romantic shots on the beach with the dress flowing in the wind. Then we decided to wade into the water a bit and get some shots of us playing around in the water. Eventually, we made our way out to deeper water on the paddleboard where the real excitement began.

Since the dress was so heavy in the water, we took a lot of breaks between photos hanging onto the paddleboard. We did our best to look natural underwater, which is NOT easy. Some dress photos turned out great, others, not so much. Each dive down was followed by me pushing Kat back up to the surface for air.

The Photos

Here are some of our favorite photos from the shoot:

We started on the beach

wedding dress photos
our favorite wedding photo

Then we got on the paddle board to go take underwater photos

romantic shot underwater trash the dress
kissing underwater
bride diving underwater in a wedding dress
falling into the darkness underwater

We also got surprised a year later with this video for our anniversary

Final Thoughts on Trash The Dress

Our trash the dress photos turned out great and It was such a great experience! If you’re considering doing a trash the dress shoot, I say go for it! It’s a blast and you’ll get some amazing trash dress shots.

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